Assessing the appropriateness of trading in FP shares on ROTC

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  • Who benefits from trading in Fondul Proprietatea (FP) shares on the Romanian Over-The-Counter (ROTC) platform?
  • Is the non-regulated over-the-counter market a viable alternative for FP shares until the listing of Fondul Proprietatea on Bucharest Stock Exchange?

DebateWhat our pros and cons will be...


  • Fast correlation between supply and demand of FP shares
  • Eases transactions between private shareholders and investors
  • Expected rise in demand for FP shares in the market
  • The trading process would be strictly managed by brokers, so the buyers and the sellers’ identities will be confidential
  • Increased transparency on transactions: open information about share prices


  • Limited transparency of the ROTC market in comparison with the regulated market
  • The non-regulated character of the market might bring up uncertainties and operational risks
  • The share price, though possibly higher, might be lower than the optimum
  • The history of transactions on ROTC might affect the future price-setting process on the stock market
  • The investment management company selected to manage Fondul Proprietatea announced its intention to list the Fund on The Bucharest Stock Exchange in approx. 1 year, which means only a short period of time would be left for trading in FP shares on ROTC

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